Carpet Fading

Learn about Carpet Fading and How to Prevent it

Why Does Carpet Fade?

Several factors can contribute to carpet fading. The three most significant factors are sunlight, soiling, and the color intensity and dyes of the carpeting.

Many people like to experience natural sunlight shining through the windows of their home, either offering a lighter, brighter feel to the home during summer or to create warmth and brighten a dreary day when indoors on a cold winter day. However, the bright sun shining through your windows does harm as well as good. Sunlight is a very common cause of carpet fading. The natural light provided by the sun does not simply fade the carpet; it can actually change the color of your carpeting. Sun also potentially fades area rugs in your home.

How to Prevent Carpet Fading

Perhaps you noticed that carpeting in one room where the sun shines through the windows looks duller or even a different color than the same carpeting in another room. If you look closely, it is not unusual to find dulling or fading of one area of carpet in the same room. In addition to the sun, the intensity of the colors and dyes also contribute to sun fading.

Soiled carpeting means that after time, your carpeting becomes faded as people walk over your carpet or if there are spills and stains.

Sun Damage to Carpet

There are measures you can take to prevent carpet fading. First, apply window treatments to windows that you either open during the day or leave exposed with no blinds or draperies. Window treatments feature a thin film that blocks some of the harmful rays from the sun, thereby potentially keeping your carpet from fading.

Avoid soiled carpeting by taking shoes off to prevent muddy feet from tracking across the carpet. Never walk on carpeting if you have medications applied to your feet.

While carpet cleaning products exist in retail stores, consulting a professional carpet cleaning company likely offers the best solutions for stained, faded carpet.

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