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Heated Floors

Radiant Heated Floors at Warren's Carpet One 

There is nothing quite like walking into a warm home, but how about walking on a warm floor? Heated floors aren’t just a luxury, they provide the comfort and that extra cozy feel to your home. At Warren’s Carpet One Floor & Home, flooring installations isn’t the only thing we specialize in. we also offer the WarmlyYours Heated Floors. No matter what type of floor you have, WarmlyYours provides a heating system that will work best in your home. Work directly with our Warren’s Carpet One Floor & Home team to decide on the system that works best for you.

You may be wondering what is so great about heated floors. Heated floors offer many benefits, which include reductions in noise levels and the amount of dry air in your home. In other words, instead of always turning your thermostat up, your heated floors will provide a balance and reduce the amount of dry air produced by your heating system. Additionally, heated floors do not create dust, which makes it an allergy friendly system. 

Heated Tile Floors

Tile & stone can be very cold underfoot, especially in your bathroom. Heated floors for tile and stone are among the most popular installations, for it creates warmth and comfort. Imagine getting out of your shower and not having your foot be met by the naturally cold stone floor, and instead by warmth. Now you won’t completely dread getting out of the shower. 

Hardwood Heated Floors

Adding heat your hardwood floors is just another great way to add additional comfort. The Electric Floor Heating System by WarmlyYours is perfect for hardwood, and only adds to the value of your floor. 

Carpet Heated Floors

Heated floors can also be added to carpet. The Environ system is the perfect heating system for carpet, laminate, and floating wood floors. The Environ provides a more comfortable floor by having reinforced laminated aluminum foil. 

WarlmyYours offers a variety of controls, underlayment sheets, and accessories so you are able to set your floors temperature accordingly.

To learn more about heated floors contact Warren’s Carpet One Floor & Home, or visit our showroom in Amherst, NY. We proudly serve Amherst, Greater Buffalo Area, Erie County, Niagra County and Tonawanda.