Invincible H20

100% Waterproof LVT Floors

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Having and Invincible floor may seem impossible to some. If you have been waiting to upgrade your floor but have the assumption you will have to compromise between durability, comfort, and style, then it’s time to visit out Warren’s Carpet One store. We have a variety of resilient floors, including the Invincible H20 collection.

 Some flooring brands may lead you to believe they are something they aren’t due to their name. However, the Invincible brand truly provides the top quality floors in the industry. The Invincible H20 collection is an upgrade from the first Invincible LVT floor. Though the first collection provides incredibly strength and resistance, US Floors release of the H20 collection proves to be a step above.

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The Invincible H20 collection mimics the look of real hardwood to perfection with the handcrafted designer appearance. Additionally, the LVT collection features extra-long and extra wide planks. If you always wanted real hardwood in your home, but budget and strength of the floor was a concern, then Invincible H20 will provide what you need. 

There is no compromising with Invincible H20. Not only are you getting the color and textures of real hardwood, but “tough as nails” durability and waterproof protection. The H20 collection is constructed with a cork foundation and installed using a unique locking system. Together, water will not seep through under the floor, and your floor with be quieter, more comfortable, and warmer. Additionally, the H20 collection is 100% waterproof and resistant to dents, scratches, scuffs, and stains. So, you can enjoy your floor and not have to worry about kids and pets ruining it. 

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Though Invincible H20 is a great solution to high traffic areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and mudrooms, its realistic look real hardwood and easy maintenance makes it perfect for any room in your home. 

Invincible H20 provides many benefits, and the cherry on top is its Lifetime Warranty. The Invincible H20 collection offers lifetime coverage on wearing, fading, stains, gauges, dents, water, and installation. 

To learn more about Invincible H20, contact Warren’s Carpet One in Amherst, NY. We proudly serve Amherst, Greater Buffalo Area, Erie County, Niagra County and Tonawanda.