Stainmaster Carpets

Stain resistant carpets

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You may have grown up with a Stainmaster carpet in your home, and if you thought it was tough then, think about how far it has come over the years with advancements in carpet fibers. Stainmaster has continued to build its reputation as a trusted carpet and is North America’s best-known carpet brand. However, with so many other trusted Carpet brands at our Warren’s Carpet One Floor & Home showroom, you may be wondering what features give Stainmaster and edge over its competition.  The answer is simple, resistance, assurance, and nylon fibers. 

Stain Resistant Carpets

Stainmaster lives up to its name as a stain resistant carpet due to its proprietary technologies. The LotusFX Fiber Shield allows the carpets to stand up to the everyday messes and unordinary spills from pets and kids. In addition, Stainmaster is kid safe and a top choice for active families. Stainmaster carpets give you peace of mind due to its ability to block stains and its soil resistance.

Stainmaster Carpet Pet Protect

The Nylon 6.6 fibers provide the ultimate strength and protection. The same nylon fibers in Stainmaster carpets are also used in airbags, seat belts, parachute chords, and engine components. Knowing your carpet is strong enough to protect those in car accidents provides the assurance you need in a long lasting carpet. However, the fiber strength may have you thinking that Stainmaster is rough around the edges. That is quite the contrary though, for Stainmaster provides the ultimate durability and softness. The Nylon 6.6 fibers are created with optimal performance, style, and texture.

Stainmaster Assurance and Durability

If all of these features aren’t enough to convince you Stainmaster is a trusted carpet brand, consider Stainmaster’s strict certifications. Stainmaster’s carpets must meet requirements for durability, anti-static, stain, and soil resistance. Many carpet brands won’t pass Stainmaster’s strict requirements. 

Stainmaster carpets are meant to retain its look for years. Like our Warren’s Carpet One Floor & Home store, Stainmaster holds itself to high expectations, so you can feel confident in your carpet. 

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