Tigressa Carpets

Tough as a Tiger

Best Carpet Brand

Tigressa carpets are anything but ordinary, for they are tough as a tiger, yet soft as its fur. Though many homeowners can’t say they have pet a tiger, but once you feel a Tigressa carpet, you will know exactly what we are talking about. 

Best Carpets on the Market

Tigressa carpets have made a name for themselves due to its tough yet soft exterior. Having a carpet in your home shouldn’t be a hassle, and with Tigressa, stains are no longer an issue. The tightly woven nylon fibers provide extra strength and softness.  Additionally, these fibers protect the carpets from the everyday wear and tear. Another added benefit to the nylon fibers is they allow more filaments per square inch, and are half the size of human hair, which gives the carpet its soft texture. 

Waterproof Basement Carpets

Tigressa offers a variety of collections, including the Cherish collection. Tigressa Cherish goes a step above with its recycled resources and innovative color technology. As years pass, your Tigressa Cherish carpet will not fade thanks to the color technology. In addition, the carpet fibers are 75% finer and have more micro strands per single square inch. 
The Tigressa Cherish collection is a more plush carpet with the natural hues of nature. Nonetheless, if you are looking for more strength, Tigressa H20 is water and stain resistant. This collection provides extra assurance that your carpets color will last for years without blemishes. 

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Tigressa Carpets: “The softest carpet ever.”