Tile Flooring Designs

Our Favorite Tile Flooring Styles

So you’re considering how tile flooring may look in your home, amongst other things. Or, you’ve decided on tile as the floor for you but don’t know more than that yet. A large factor in floor buying is definitely the look of the floor. Your floors’ look can determine the rest of the décor in the room. While performance is a necessary factor as well, you will spend more time looking at your floors than you will spend contemplating their abilities. Plus, at Warren’s Carpet One in Amherst, NY, our brands are all high quality and come with the best warranties. When it comes to look, though, tiles can be one of the most versatile flooring options. Because they are installed as individual pieces, tiles can be placed in many different patterns and designs. Tiles also come in different sizes, so you can play around with alternating shapes and sizes, too. 

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Square: Straight, crisp and standard, tiles are placed in uniform lines on the floor for a clean finish.

Offset: Lines of tiles are laid down in alternating rows to resemble offset bricks. Difference colors achieve a unique design.

Diagonal: Square tiles are flipped on their side to show a diamond shape and pieced together for a pointedly precise look.

Checkerboard: Diagonal design is taken one step further with synchronized colors that alternate to show a checkerboard.

Basketweave: A head turning, design, alternating tiles mimic a woven basket with the illusion that they are crossing over and under each other.

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